About Us

Slice of the Moon has been in business since 2007, but frankly, in the big scheme of things, our history doesn’t really matter. What does matters is why we exist.

Our existence is made possible because of creative people like you. At Slice of the Moon, we provide the products that allow your creative spirit to blossom.

Our line of creative products include mineral mica powder which can be used for a wide variety of cosmetic and creative applications. It has been the staple of our business for a long time. Some of the uses of natural mineral cosmetic grade mica include making lipstick, face powder, body lotions, shampoo, lip balm, nail polish, soaps as well as bath bombs.

Products like coloured glue, acrylic and creative paint, metallic coloured candles and a whole lot of other crafts can also be made from this versatile product.

To give you even more to explore and create with we have added a new crop of products. 

We now carry synthetic mica powder which is different from natural mineral mica in that it is made in the lab. It is a very effective cosmetic powder product that can also be used in the same way natural mineral mica is used.

Synthetic mica is vibrant, versatile, and durable. It is available in a wide variety of colours and we continue to add more colours to our collections.

We also have a wide collection of glitter powder colours which are available in solvent resistant and non solvent resistant varieties. This should allow you to make products like water based and resin based glitter based products. 

Do you love working with glow powder? Well, make your resin jewelry glow in the dark. Do you love camping? Then use uv fluorescent powders to mark your path in the forest at night. Do you want to stay home and do something creative with the kids? Then go and apply all sorts of creative paint colours to some t-shirts then sell them along side the lemonade stands.

A car doesn’t roll off the floor without a touch of paint. Our beautiful lips don't leave the house without a touch of gloss or paint of some sort.

Even our lazy eyes and cheeks tend to prefer a little bit of "war paint" as we prepare to face the day.

We don’t live in a black and white world. Our creative projects are brought to life by the colour we give them. This is our true value and our reason for existing. This why we matter in your creative world.

We are proud to be part of the ingredient of your creative spirit. It is our mission to bring colour to your creative life. That is why at Slice of the Moon we say, creativity is life and life is creativity.

This is our passion. This is our mission.

Emmanuel Erskine
Founder and Owner
Slice of the Moon Powders