About Us


In 2003, Emmanuel (founder) was outraged by heavy metals and other dangerous substances used in paint for children’s toys. He set out to source a cleaner paint, one he could use to develop a brand. Instead of child-safe paints, he found his calling in mica powders. 

Slice of the Moon was established in 2006 as an initiative to offer mica powders free from heavy metals and child labor. The brand developed a following in Canada and the United States. 

For personal reasons, Emmanuel passed the brand along to KRM Brands, LLC in July, 2021. We are experienced e-commerce sellers, woman-owned, and call Colorado home. Our commitment is to uphold the brand morals set forth by Emmanuel--Ethically sourced products with real people working behind the scenes. We are grateful for the opportunity to usher Slice of the Moon into its next chapter, our team is eager to meet customers and grow our line of products.